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Best Tattoo Studio in Spain.

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Hermann Hesse

"I do not consider myself less ignorant than most people. I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me. My story is not a pleasant one; it is neither sweet nor harmonious, as invented stories are; it has the taste of nonsense and chaos, of madness and dreams — like the lives of all men who stop deceiving themselves"
Each man's life represents the road toward himself, and attempt at such a road, the intimation of a path. No man has ever been entirely and completely himself. Yet each one strives to become that — one in an awkward, the other in a more intelligent way, each as best he can.

"At about the age of six or seven, I realized that of all the invisible powers the one I was destined to be most strongly affected and dominated by was music. From that moment on I had a world of my own, a sanctuary and a heaven that no one could take away from me. Oh, music! A melody occurs to you; you sing it silently, inwardly only; you steep your being in it;it takes possession of all your strength and emotions, and during the time it lives in you, it effaces all that is fortuitous, evil, coarse and sad in you; it brings the world into harmony with you, it makes burdens light and gives wings to to depressed spirits."

I dont want to sing. I want to play

Another prove that instrumental bands rule the world:

The Fear is excruciating But Therein lies the answer.

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Incredible album. More heavy and beautiful than ever. ¿Who comes with me May 15th to Portugal to see them live?

Gallows vs Allegiance

21st Century Hardcore.

Grey Britain (2009)

Desperation (2007)

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Russian Circles

Some bad pics.2 videos.A very good show (but too packed in a small venue)

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Sang Bleu Issue 5

March 11th. 2.2 kilos. It is not a baby it is Sang Bleu 5. More pics coming soon.

Manky´s expo night

Bar La Marchuela
C/ Cabestreros 10. Lavapies

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I hope i can get a tattoo from Deno soon.

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Best 2010 Tour

¿Por qué no se repite este tour en Europa?

The Corner

Classic series from "The Wire" creator (David Simon).

The secret

New album in coming soon via Southern Lord. Sheer brutality from Trieste (Italy). Download their last album (2008) disintoxication (click on the title).

Black Breath

Trash Metal still rules.


Amazing Band, you can Download all their albums from their myspace.
Instrumental brutality similar to Messugah.

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Tattoo Parlours

into you tattoo





Tattoo Magic

Tattoo Paradise


Sang Bleu

Best mag out there. Waiting for my copy

Just look out who is the guest editor...and the contributors


Burzum Belus

Click on the title

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